call me ms. grace

i think i broke my little toe.

then again, i’m a hypochondriac. it may just be sprained. in any case it hurts. a lot. you see, i was walking from the couch toward the dining room to shoo dizzy off the table (such an annoying habit he has of getting up there) when i happened to, you know, walk into one of the weights i had used in my workout this morning.

it was only a five-pounder, but it sure did some damage. my toe is red and hurts every time i get up, which is about every two minutes to get dizzy off the table, where he is happily chewing on my purse. however, by the time i’m halfway to the dining room he jumps down (he knows when i’m mad), and by the time i’ve sat back down on the couch he’s on the table again.

and yes, he’s a guy. no surprise there, eh?

now i’m off to hobble back to the couch.


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