allergies: 3; cady: 0

my allergies are kicking my butt.

this is day three of being sick from the wonderful creation we know as hayfever. apparantly, sinus drainage (sorry everyone!) can make you feel like you have the flu. i didn’t know that until this week. man, i’ve felt like crap. i’ve been dizzy and had headaches and basically been nauseous 24/7. yesterday, i could barely make it through my newscast. i couldn’t even go to passover at joe’s parent’s on wednesday night because i was too nauseous to drive two hours roundtrip. on the brightside, i haven’t been able to eat much so hopefully i’ll lose a few pounds. heh. and last night joe brought me a card, which had messages from him and the cats. it was so sweet. sigh. when he got home i was laying in bed, and julius was laying next to me with his paws around my arm. i think he can tell i’m not feeling well because he’s been hanging around and cuddling up to me more than usual. i’m just ready for this to be over. i’m ready to feel normal again and to be able to breathe.


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