t-minus 2 days

i love this time of year. the sun is shining, the temperature is warm and my birthday is in two days. i will be 26. wow. i am now beginning to have a love-hate relationship with birthdays. i love the presents, but i hate the getting older. hehe.

this birthday is going to be fantastic. my birthday cake is going to be a test cake of my wedding cake!! yay!! we picked an almond cake, which i’ve heard are fantastic, so i hope i’m not disappointed. i know i won’t be. wow. i can’t believe we’re going to be testing my wedding cake. that’s so cool! oh, and joe has picked out his groom’s cake: a cookie cake! he loves them, as do i, so it was perfect. he’ll be making an emergency run to the mall the day before. 🙂

in other wedding news (which i’m sure you all are bored of by now!), i have started ordering my bridesmaid’s gifts. they’re kind of expensive (since there are six of them), which is why i’m starting to order them slowly now, but i think it’ll be cute. i hope they all like them.

and now it’s off to start the day. i have to get a new driver’s license and tag before i go to work. hopefully that won’t take my whole day. those lines at the drivier’s license center are always horrendous! happy friday everyone!


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