friday forum

i haven’t done friday forum in a while, but i thought the pet topic was a good time to start back 🙂 if you do this, comment and let me know so i can see your answers!

1. about how many pets have you had throughout your life?
19. twosome, julius the first, pumpkin, frisky, sally, sam, frisky jr, newspaper, blacky, max, zach, elvis, colby, harold, macavity, julius, aj, caesar, dizzy. the last four are mine and joe’s. the others were or are family pets.

2. which pet was your favorite and why?
i can’t pick just one. pumpkin was the first cat that was “mine.” the boys and i each had “our own” cats although they were the family pets. and, of course, julius, aj and caesar are because they were my pets when i moved out. julius was the first cat i got on my own, so he’ll always have a special place in my heart.

3. how many pets do you have now? what are their names?
we have three at my house: julius, aj and dizzy. there are six family pets: frisky, sally, elvis, zach, harold and macavity.

4.if you could have any kind of animal as a pet, which one would you
choose and why?
a cat. i just love cats. they’re so cuddly and loving. they’re fantastic.

5. do you think some people become a little too obsessed with their
pets? why or why not?
i don’t think people get obsessed with their pets. i think they find cute ways of showing how much their pets mean to them, such as talking about them as if they were their children (which i do) or dressing them up.

ooops..forgot the family dog…the only ones i can remember are the ones that are alive now: zelda, gold, dexter, honey, ninja

animals keep either getting dumped off or just showing up at my parents’ house and no one in our family can turn away a stray. 🙂


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