a chat with customer service

finally our internet is back up. it went down sometime tuesday night, and our cable company finally made it out today.

i had a very nice chat with a customer service representative at blue cross, blue shield the other day. *cue dripping sarcasm* here is how our conversation went:

me: hi. i’m calling to find out where my preauthorization for my medicine stands.

her: your doctor sent it to the wrong department. it will take three to five business days to send it from here to medical records.

*how can it take three to five business days to be sent interdepartment??*

me: why didn’t your department give my doctor the correct number when she called?

her: she didn’t ask.

*apparantly saying, “please give me the number i need to fax the preauthorization information to” does not mean “please give me the CORRECT number to fax the preauthorization to.*

me: i’d like to speak to a supervisor

*i figured more than a month of dealing with this is long enough when theoretically — and i use that term loosely — it is only supposed to take seven to 10 days.*

her: i don’t have one who can talk to you.

me: i’ll hold.

her: they’re all on the phone.

me: i’d like one to call me back.

her: that’ll take 24 to 48 hours.

*of COURSE it will take 24 to 48 hours! and i still haven’t heard from anyone…*

sigh. i hate insurance companies.


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