*sigh* i can’t sleep. i supposed this has to do with the fact that a i took a two-hour nap yesterday and went to bed fairly early since once again i am sick. i feel like i’ve been here already before. isn’t this the same sinus infection i had last week? the same one my doctor prescribed a week’s worth of antibiotics for? yep. only now it’s worse. in addition to the lovely congestion and head pressure i now have pressure in my ears. how fun. sigh. oh, and i can’t talk. my voice is nice and deep now, which i’m sure will sound just lovely on the air today.

since i’m up i figured i’d go ahead and do today’s friday forum. it’s been a while since we’ve had one of these!

1. how is your year 2006 starting off? good? bad? what do you think
this year will be like (any predictions?).

this year is fantastic so far. i rang it in with the love of my life and one of my best friends, and although there will always be its bad moments, i think this will be the best year yet. (maybe that has to do with the fact that we’re planning on getting married??)

2. did you make any new year’s resolutions? why/why not? if so, have
you managed to make good progress on them so far?

absolutely not. i was one of those girls who made a resolution to lose weight every year, but i’m bad with keeping resolutions, so no more for me. i do, however, make goals for myself during the year.

3. what’s on your January calendar? any special events or dates to

the only big thing coming up this month is the meeting of the parents on jan. 22. i’m excited. i know they’ll all love each other. other than that we have nothing planned for a while, which is nice because we have two weddings in march — joe’s sister and one of his best friends — and one is on my birthday!

4. are you sad that the holidays are over, or are you glad to be
getting everything back to normal? do you still have your holiday
decorations up?

i’m a little of both. i miss the atmosphere, but i don’t miss the shattered ornaments on the floor thanks to our precocious cats. we took our tree down the weekend after christmas to prepare for our new year’s eve party. good thing too. that thing took up a lot of room!

5. What were you doing last year at this time?
working in dalton and still just getting into my relationship with joe. what a difference a year makes. heh.


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