my wallet was stolen.

yes, last friday as i walked from the entrance of walgreens to joe’s car, someone took it out of my purse. i’m kind of amazed at thieves these days — i didn’t even notice anyone around me nor feel anyone take my wallet out of my purse; neither did joe.

when i looked in my purse as we got into the car, i noticed my wallet was gone. i figured i had left it on the counter in the store after i paid for my purchase, even though i remembered putting it back in my purse. the security tape at the store showed me putting it back in my purse. maybe it fell out? we scoured the parking lot to no avail. kind of puts a damper on the hanaukah shopping we were about to do.

then joe’s cell phone rang. he answered it and handed it to me.

“hi. i’m calling from wachovia bank. someone just came in and said they found your wallet in our parking lot. have you been here today?”

nope. sure haven’t. didn’t even know there was a wachovia at the location she named.

we waited and waited and waited for the police to come and, when he arrived, he said he’d follow us to the bank.

and i got my wallet back (even though i still haven’t figured out how they got joe’s cell number). i looked through it and everything was out of place and haphazardly put back in. it’s kind of disconcerting to think that someone had access to all my personal information. in a way, i feel like i’ve been violated. at first i thought my wachovia check card was missing, but i later found it upside down in the middle of a stack of cards. we figure whoever took it headed to wachovia to try to clean out my account through the atm and dropped my wallet when he/she didn’t have my pin number. however, it’s kind of odd that both my check cards, my credit card and my gift cards were there. what kind of a thief puts a check card back in a wallet?

oh well. those questions will remain unanswered, and it’s ok. at least i have everything back. and now, whenever i leave a store, i’ll be watching my back.


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