time to celebrate!

i love christmas. i absolutely love it. my family’s always opened presents christmas eve after a service at church, and i can’t wait to see them open what i got them. i love how happy my presents make them.

joe and i gave each other our presents last night. we wanted to do it alone. he gave me a relic watch, gilmore girls season 5 (yay!), a kitchen clock in the chef motif and a blue topaz ring (soooo pretty). he said the jewelers told him it’s what they use for march. whatever happened to aquamarine?? i gave joe a handheld poker game (he misses his poker games with the boys), a fossil watch and a silver frame with “i love you” engraved on it and a picture of me in it. i knew it would love it, and it was so awesome to see his reaction. i had tears in my eyes. heh. he said it was the best and sweetest gift he’s ever gotten.

we also did stockings. it was joe’s idea. i had my stocking from home and two others hung over the fireplace for decoration, and he told me he was going to stuff my stocking. that meant a lot to me. so i spent some time looking for stocking stuffers for him. it was so much fun. and next week it’s hanaukkah. wooo.

merry christmas to everyone! i hope you all have a wonderful one.


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