and the doctor says . . .

that it sucks to be me. hah. i saw my primary care doctor today to discuss my glucose tolerance test and my weight problems. she explained that even though my blood sugar levels are completely normal my insulin levels are not. they’re abnormally high. that means my body’s producing way too much insulin. that means all the calories i take in are converted to fat. that means i gain weight. blah. the glucophage should help lower the insulin production but it isn’t supposed to start taking effect for 3-6 months. and, since the pancreas just stops producing insulin at a certain point, when i reach that point i’ll be diabetic. blah blah blah. stupid genetics. heh.

the solution? become a carnivore. hehe. my doctor says i need protein, especially since i don’t drink milk or eat eggs and cheese. i *need* to cut down my carbs but those are what i live on. she says i can start eating meat again (not going to happen), eat tofu and/or soy meat (hate tofu and not a big fan of soy meats) and work out “harder than most people (however, the arthritis makes my knees give out earlier than most people). i think i’ll start working on the protein problem by eating beans. i like beans. beans are good. and more veggie. veggies are good. i figure if i only eat carbs for one meal a day i’ll be doing well. heh. even if i cut down to two meals a day i’ll be doing better. i have to have my toast for breakfast! guess we’ll see how this goes.


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