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December 29, 2005

i’m always up for a meme…

1. my uncle once built me a playhouse at our weekend house in virginia.
2. never in my life did i think i’d win a writing award
3. when i was five i went to a well-reputable private school.
4. high school had it’s good and bad moments.
5. i will never forget the mission trip i went on to venezuela.
6. i once met cal ripken jr. and al gore (can i add a second one??)
7. there’s this girl i know who thought she was so much better than everyone else in high school and is now much larger than the rest of us.
8. once, at a bar i got drunk. lol. i’m not very interesting.
9. by noon i’m usually getting ready to go into work.
10. last night i was sick. blech.
11. if i only had more hours in the day.
12. next time i go to church i need to get there earlier to get a better seat.
13. terry shiavo is old news. it’s over. move on.
14. what worries me most is something happening to someone i love.
15. when i turn my head left i see the wall. hehe.
16. when i turn my head right i see the futon frame and piles of things that stil need to be sorted and organized. sigh.
17. you know i’m lying when what? lie? me? never!
18. what I miss most about the eighties the music. i love 80s music.
19. if i were a character in shakespeare, i’d like the romance.
20. by this time next year joe and i will be celebrating our first holiday season as a married couple.
21. a better name for me would be web addict.
22. i have a hard time understanding why people can’t understand simple things.
23. If I ever go back to school when i go back i will be working on my masters in communications.
24. you know i like you if i hang out with you.
25. if I ever won an award, if i win another award i hope it’s again for writing.
26. darwin, mozart, slim pickens & geraldine ferraro mozart? are we supposed to pick one?
27. take my advice, do something you never thought you’d do.
28. my ideal breakfast is breakfast with joe.
29. i song i love but do not own should this be “a song”? if so, living on a prayer by bon jovi. good college memories.
30. if you visit my hometown, you’ll love it. what’s not to love being 30 minutes from both baltimore (hail orioles!) and washington d.c. and my old neighborhood was a great eclectic mix of various nationalities and religions…adventist, catholic, sikh, korean, iranian. everyone’s so friendly there. everyone knows each other, and it’s common to see families out chitchatting at each others driveways in the evenings. *sigh* memories.
31. tulips, character flaws, microchips and stars huh?
32. why won’t people get along.
33. if you spend the night at my house you’ll be sleeping amongst boxes.
34. i’d stop my wedding for a death of a family member or friend.
35. the world could do without violence and wars.
36. i’d rather stay home and freelance.
37. my favourite blonde is my friend, stacey.
38. paper clips are essential, a must-have at work.
39. if I do anything well, it’s writing. i’ve been writing since i was in second grade.
40. and by the way i got this from hannah


very, very funny

December 29, 2005

joe found this video online. it’s so hilarious. i could watch it over and over and over. hehe. listen to the monster. he’s hilarious. what do you think?

pacman video

the clock is ticking

December 28, 2005

we’re having a new year’s eve party.

we had one last year; however, this year we will be having more people and it will be at our place. i’m excited…except for one minor detail.

our place is still full of boxes. and i’m sick, so joe won’t let me help.
sigh. i hope i’m better tomorrow (at least able to sit and stand without being dizzy)so i can help with the cleaning and organizing. joe’s been off work this week, so he’s been able to get more done. i’m busy enough just trying to keep up with the laundry!

joe just woke up, and he’s not feeling well now. i bet he got my bug. the doctor said i was contagious. sigh. now i will be busy taking care of him the way he took care of me. heh.


December 24, 2005

please go to renee’s and send her some good thoughts. her dad was killed thursday night in a car wreck. she really needs our thoughts and prayers right now.

time to celebrate!

December 24, 2005

i love christmas. i absolutely love it. my family’s always opened presents christmas eve after a service at church, and i can’t wait to see them open what i got them. i love how happy my presents make them.

joe and i gave each other our presents last night. we wanted to do it alone. he gave me a relic watch, gilmore girls season 5 (yay!), a kitchen clock in the chef motif and a blue topaz ring (soooo pretty). he said the jewelers told him it’s what they use for march. whatever happened to aquamarine?? i gave joe a handheld poker game (he misses his poker games with the boys), a fossil watch and a silver frame with “i love you” engraved on it and a picture of me in it. i knew it would love it, and it was so awesome to see his reaction. i had tears in my eyes. heh. he said it was the best and sweetest gift he’s ever gotten.

we also did stockings. it was joe’s idea. i had my stocking from home and two others hung over the fireplace for decoration, and he told me he was going to stuff my stocking. that meant a lot to me. so i spent some time looking for stocking stuffers for him. it was so much fun. and next week it’s hanaukkah. wooo.

merry christmas to everyone! i hope you all have a wonderful one.

where’s the real meaning of christmas?

December 24, 2005

several churches in atlanta are not holding services on christmas. in fact, many churches throughout the country are closing tomorrow. i’m have a problem with this, mainly because the entire reason for christmas is the celebrate jesus’ birth. and this would be where the church comes in. i understand it’s mainly the “megachurches” with several thousand members closing, but that doesn’t make it right. there are people who only go to church on christmas; what kind of an example is it to close the house of god on christmas? or any day of worship for that matter. whenever christmas is on a saturday, we go to church, and those are my favorite services. people have said how christmas is becoming more and more secular and commercialized and that we need to revert back to remembering the true reason; the closing of churches doesn’t help that. it’s like it’s condoning the secularizing of the holiday.

this column sums up my feelings much better than i can write them.

it’s funny…i heard about this right after joe told me he was pitching a story idea to the media of a professor who’s talking about how we need to get back to the real meaning of christmas. how ironic.


December 20, 2005

i was watching an old episode of family feud today on the game show network. this was during the bonus round.

host: “name a vegetable that’s fried in batter”
contestant: “fish!”

surprisinly enough, that garnered a zero. hehe. i laughed. hard.