thrifty shopping

i am beginning the daunting task of packing up my house for the move south. i hate moving. i dread the thought of having to track down boxes and then load everything up. luckily most of the stuff stored in my closets are still in boxes from the move to dalton.

i went to walmart today in search of something to store my sweaters in the few months we’ll be staying in joe’s current apartment. one closet is hardly big enough for two of us! it’s hardly big enough just for my things!

i found a stackable storage compartment that i liked for $15, but then decided on a rubbermaid container for $6. as i looked around i noticed a large storage bag for $3. i figured it was worth a shot, so i picked one of those instead. if i need another one, it’ll only be $3, i thought. i was able to fit all of my sweaters, sweatshirts, dress pants, jeans, shorts and a few t-shirts in the storage bag — more than i probably could have fit in the rubbermaid and much more than i would have been able to fit in the stackable compartment and for much cheaper. i love finding a good deal!


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