the work week begins

i’m still hurting. *sigh* some of the pain is from the incisions, but i know a lot of it is from the gas they used to expand my stomach, and let me tell you that is quite painful. it hurts to move. i can’t sleep well because i can’t get comfortable.

joe was so wonderful over the weekend though. he was the one bright spot. he did such a good job taking care of me. he cooked for me. he brought me drinks. he gave me my medicines. he did the dishes. he washed laundry. he went grocery shopping for me since i still can’t drive. he took care of the cats. he was fantastic. i’m so lucky to have him. he’s going to make a great husband. 🙂

most women who have endometriosis get it numerous times. i do not want to go through this again. it’s not exactly my idea of fun. *sigh* and no working out for a few weeks. on the bright side…i move down to cartersville on friday (or begin to). i can’t wait.


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