appointment with the knife

surgery is scheduled for friday at 9 a.m. i’d like to get out of it. not only am i scared of the surgery itself, but the prep the night before isn’t very attractive either. i’m thinking a life of pain and other things may not be so bad after all…hehe.

i’m going to be a nervous wreck on friday. i thought they would give me something to take thursday for my nerves, but apparantly that won’t happen until they try to calm me by talking to me before they wheel me in. that’s just not going to work. i already told joe we have to go out for my “last dinner” thursday night. he promises he won’t let anything happen to me. what scares me the most is the anesthesia and the thought of not coming out of it. i understand the anesthesiologists at the hospital i go to are “very good”, but that doesn’t really comfort me for some reason. i’m also scared that the surgery won’t fix anything. sigh. maybe i worry too much, or maybe these are common fears.

so think about me on friday. i will hopefully be back blogging on monday. and wish joe luck as he will be waiting on me friday and saturday while i’m in bed, drugged up (hopefully), in pain and not able to do much. 🙂


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