moving on

my parents have always told me that things will happen when they’re meant to be. i’ve been searching and searching for a job in the metro atlanta area so joe and i can get married next year. and i’ve been getting more and more stressed out with the numerous applications that went unanswered.

but today, i got a job. i am the new night news reporter at wbhf am1450 in cartersville. i am so excited. i’ve been praying about this, and i prayed that if this job was god’s will for me then i would get it. and i did. i really didn’t think i would. it was between me and someone already working in radio. i didn’t think i had a shot.

i’m still coming down off my high. i feel so much lighter. all my stress is gone. i can now start working on our wedding knowing for sure that we will be getting married next year. sigh. i can’t wait. we’re already working on getting our apartment. we’ll hopefully be moved in by january. with my engagement ring. 🙂 that’s all i’m waiting for now. joe says it’ll be within the next month or two. it’s all good. i can wait.


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