the search

joe and i have begun house hunting. we both would rather have a house when we get married than an apartment, so i started browsing online today. i figure if we start now we may have everything wrapped up by our wedding next september (that date is pending a few things that hopefully will be cleared up soon).

this is one we both really, really like, so i think we’re going to make an appointment to go see it. i got the pictures off the realtors web site.

the exterior. how cute is this house?!

this is the kitchen. i love the hardwood floors.

the dininig room.

the living room, complete with fireplace which is a must-have in any house we buy.

the master bedroom.

the nursery. see. it’s got a room already desigated as a nursery. it’s a sign. it’s time for us to have kids once we’re married. 🙂

another bedroom

and the finished basement, which we probably will use as a rec/exercise room for now. i told joe whatever house we buy has to have space we can use as an exercise room.

i’m in love with it already. i can’t wait to go see it!


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