almost to a diagnosis

for six months i’ve been dealing with pain in my pelvic area. i’ve been to, oh, at least four or five doctors and two hospitals, and have tried probably every medicine known to man.

i’m still not better. now that the blood test came back negative for an infection my doctor says we’re going to have to do a laparoscopy, which is where they make an incision in my belly button and stick the device in to see what exactly is going on in my uterus. we think it’s endometriosis, where the tissue grows outside the uterus. this doesn’t sound very pleasant to me. i hate surgery. i’m scared to death. i’m scared of being put to sleep and not waking back up and never seeing joe and my family and friends again. i’m going to be a wreck. so, when my doctor’s nurse called yesterday to tell me this, i wasn’t really a happy camper. and joe, being the wonderful boyfriend that he is, drove up (even though he’d already come up on tuesday) because he knew i needed him.

he promises me it’ll be alright. i’m sure it will be…just so long as i’m doped up before i go in.


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