countdown to next weekend

i hate two-day weekends. i never want them to end. this weekend was no different. it was so relaxing. joe came up friday night, and i made vegetable soup from scratch and low-cal crescent rolls. it was really good. we read for a while and then went to bed.

on saturday, joe went running in the morning, and then we went to church and to my parents’ for lunch. it was fun seeing my parents and grandparents and one of my brothers. it’s always nice hanging out with them. joe fits in quite well. 🙂

joe spent sunday morning watching the thrashers game he had taped saturday, and i watched a couple episodes of sex and the city before making our breakfast: chocolate chip pancakes, vegetarian sausage links and hot apple cider. after breakfast we went to the park so joe could run and i walked. then it was off to walmart to get copies of my house key made, the dollar tree because i absolutely love that store, blockbuster to rent some movies, and cicis to pick up a pizza for lunch. we spent the afternoon/evening watching a movie, napping and watching tv.

sigh. i didn’t want the weekend to end. now we have next weekend to look forward to. on tap, the meeting of our parents.


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