i hate surprises. actually, i love them, but i hate not knowing something. i guess it’s the natural curiosity and nosiness in me (hey, the nosiness is what makes good journalists!;)

during the last week i managed to ruin two surprises. last week i had a really rough day. everything that could go wrong did. isn’t that how it always is? while i was talking to joe on the phone i told him it would be nice if he brought me flowers every now and then (and yes, he has done it before:). he got quiet and said, “actually, i was planning on bringing you flowers tonight since you’ve had such a hard day.” sigh. that was ruined surprise no. 1.

ruined surprise no. 2 happened tuesday night. i met joe at his parking deck to go to the braves game. they were expected to clinch that night (and did. yay! but this is for another post), so we were both excited. we started talking about our upcoming wedding (hopefully next year!), and i said it would be cool if he brought up wedding plans sometimes instead of me. he said, “actually, i’ve been putting things together and i was going to show you a whole package of stuff in a few weeks. i wanted to surprise you.”

sigh. he’s so sweet. i hate surprises, but i hate ruining surprises even more.


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