a response to a blog attack

i’ve known for several months that joe’s former coworkers at the daily tribune read my blog. and i know that a few of them tease joe about it. it’s all in good fun, joe said. and i know most of them, so i wasn’t bothered too much.

until now.

i just discovered last night that in july, the newspaper’s managing editor, matt difebo, wrote this column making fun of blogs. one of joe’s former coworkers, who also blogs, said he was quoted in it, so i figured it was all in good fun and sat down, prepared to laugh.

i didn’t laugh.

as i read, i was horrified to find an excerpt from my blog.

“‘on friday we went shopping for things we needed for our trip. on saturday, we got up early and headed to XYZ’s parents’ cabin in XYZ, georgia. it’s so pretty and peaceful up there. we sat out on the glider rocker on the porch with our books and got through about two pages before passing out for several hours.’

“Riveting. Thrilling. Captivating.

“Actually, it was self-promoting, boring drivel.”

self-promoting, boring drivel, eh? blogs are self-promoting in a way because they are personal blogs, but really, matt, if you find my blog boring, don’t read it. it’s simple. no one is forcing you to hear about what goes on in my life. i don’t write for you anyway. i write for me. and for joe. and so our children someday can have something about our life together to read.

but let me continue.

“At least you would think these people would at least spice it up a bit. Instead, they put minute details of their lives on display for the world to see. It amounts to nothing but a bunch of attention seekers. What’s wrong? Didn’t mommy hug you when you were younger?”

no, matt, i’m not an attention seeker. if you knew me at all, which you don’t, at all, you would know that i’m anything but an attention seeker. i’m shy. very shy. i don’t like to stand out. and if i’m out of the spotlight, or attention, i’m more than happy. and yes, my mommy did hug me when i was younger. my daddy did too. and they still hug me now. they tell me they love me and that they’re proud of me. but i really don’t see what that has to do with the fact that i enjoy blogging. i enjoy sharing things that i find funny and sad. i enjoy sharing the happy moments i spend with joe. and i have a group of people that enjoys reading it.

moving on…

“You see, many people who have watched reality TV shows seem to believe that they, too, can be a reality star. In their quest for stardom, they let us know what they ate for dinner, when they went to the bathroom, who they like, what their favorite color is, etc.”

you know, matt, i don’t believe i can be a reality tv star. i don’t want to be a reality tv star. i don’t want to be trying to survive in a harsh environment with cameramen watching me all the time. i don’t want to be cooped up in a house for several months with all of america able to see every little thing i do. that’s not really appealing to me.

and, i have never blogged about what i ate for dinner, when i went to the bathroom or what my favorite color is. i’ve obviously blogged about who i like because i am deeply in love with joe and he is an integral part of my life.

but, just for you, here we go: last night i ate a black bean burger and fries at chilis for dinner, i went to the bathroom about 10 minutes ago and my favorite colors are pink and purple.

hope you’re satisfied!

so i hope my fellow bloggers are as offended as i was by this column. it was uncalled for and untrue. and as i said before, if you don’t like it, don’t read it. we’re not writing for you.


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