hittin’ the road

that’s right, my little guy is leaving home. aj got very upset with me today after i repeatedly tossed him away from the computer cords under my desk. apparantly me throwing him (gently, of course) across the room and saying, “aj don’t do that” in a very loud voice means, “hmmm. it’s ok to pull this plugs out of their sockets.” yes, i can see how that can be misconstrued, can’t you?

after the third time that i tossed him away from the desk this morning, aj jumped up on my tv, said a few choice words to me (they were little meows but i’m sure under the circumstances they were choice words), and when i turned around he was plotting his route. yep. he was transfixed on my map of dalton, studying it very intently.

i thought that was pretty darn cute. i tried to get his attention, but he wouldn’t give me the time of day.

well, at least julius will be thrilled.


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