my poor kitties

you would have thought i was beating julius to death.

he screamed bloody murder this morning. what was i doing? trying to put on his flea collar. he doesn’t understand it’s for his own good. he doesn’t understand he (and i) will feel better when he and (and aj) are flea-free.

and he doesn’t understand this will look like heaven to him tomorrow.

that’s right. a new cat’s comin to town. joe’s spending next week up here with me for his vacation (have i mentioned how absolutely fabulous my boyfriend is??), so he and dizzy are coming up tomorrow night. aj already knows dizzy and loves him, although for dizzy it’s merely toleration. julius has no clue this is happening. and he doesn’t like new cats–or new people–very much. hell, whenever my parents come to visit julius runs and hides under the bed.

hehe. i get so much joy from my cats.


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