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April 23, 2005

i can’t make decisions. it sounds silly, but it’s true. i have this intense fear of making decisions. i don’t know if i had some experience in the past where i made a decision and for some reason it was the wrong one and made someone mad….i don’t know where it comes from, but i simply cannot make decisions now. i’m petrified of making a wrong one and making joe, or anyone else for that matter, mad.

it all came to a head last night. joe and i went to this nice italian restaurant here in town. everything was great until he asked the fateful question: do you want dessert. i kind of did, but i’m not one to speak my opinion first. so i asked him what he wanted. he said he didn’t really feel like dessert, so at that point there’s no way i would say that i did. that would be a “wrong” decision.

when our waitress came by, joe asked me again and i got really flushed and embarrassed and said, “whatever you want.” then i got mad at him for trying to embarrass me because he knows i can’t make decisions. and the fact is i know he would never, ever try to embarrass me. the point to this long and rambling story is i need to learn to make decisions. joe says to just start making them, but that’s easier said than done. i wonder if there’s any kind of baby-step thing for this type of problem.


aj the thief

April 23, 2005

yes, aj has a new name. this morning when i woke up i saw my new capris slowly sliding out the door. aj, who had the strings in his mouth, was pulling them out of the room. then, when i got up to go feed the rascals i found my cell phone, charger attached, in the hallway. i’m scared to see what he tries to take next.

finally i win

April 23, 2005

after three years in the news business, i can finally say i’m an award-winning journalist. yep. i won third place in breaking news in the georgia associated press contest. w00p. sure third place doesn’t sound like much, but it’s a great feat, at least in my opinion. and i’ve been waiting three years for SOMETHING. now hopefully i’ll take first in the georgia press association contest next month. 🙂