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new workout

April 13, 2005

this new workout joe came up with for me is difficult. we’re talking extremely hard. i’m winded after my first set. i ride my bike for 10 minutes as fast as i can, do one set of ab exercises and take a five minute break. then repeat two more times. i’ll interchange abs and pushups every other day. joe says if you don’t change up your workout every few months your body gets used to it, so we’ll see how this goes. i’m already feeling the burn now though. hopefully it won’t trigger an ra flareup!


life’s inconveniences

April 13, 2005

my neighbor hit my car today. at least she knocked on my door to tell me. she ran into it backing out of her space, scratching the back end from the bumper to the rear tire quite a bit. it could be a lot worse and i’m glad it wasn’t dented. it’s just a hassle now to deal with the insurance company, then take it to the body shop where i’ll probably have to leave it for a week and somehow find a car since i have to drive for work. sigh. the inconveniences of life.