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for the love of coffee

April 7, 2005

i wish dalton had a starbucks. i miss my daily grande mocha frap no whip fix. i really do. ok, that is all.



April 7, 2005

the other night, joe says to me, “everyone i know at the statesboro paper has a blog.” yep. stacey. eddie. holly. scott. luke. so i reply, “you need to get a blog.”

it’s the same thing i’ve been telling him for the past several months. his response? “i have nothing to blog about.” that opens it up for me to launch into my typical woman response. “you *sniff* mean *sniff* i’m *sniff* not *sniff* something *sniff* you *sniff* can *sniff* write *sniff* about??? *SNIIIIIIIIF*” i love being a woman sometimes.

“no baby, it’s just i’m sure no one cares about what i write.”

“well i write about you on my blog. does that mean no one wants to read what I’M WRITING????”

at this point joe realizes he’s lost. he always does.

so, everyone, post a comment here and convince joe to get a blog. everyone else is doing it!


April 7, 2005

me: my brother asked if all girls have attitude changes when they’re pmsing. i told him to ask you how you deal with me.

joe: i just don’t talk to you for the week.