100 things about me

i’ve seen a lot of people do this, so i thought i’d try it. here goes nothing…

1. i’m a writer, more specifically, a journalist.
2. writing is what i’ve wanted to do ever since i was in elementary school
3. journalism is my passion
4. eventually, i want to get my masters and doctorate in journalism so i can teach at the college level.
5. my boyfriend, joe, is a journalist also.
6. i love joe more than words can say.
7. i have two cats.
8. their names are aj and julius.
9. my favorite color is purple.
10. my favorite flowers are red roses and tulips.
11. i am a reality tv addict.
12. my favorite reality tv shows are survivor, the amazing race and the apprentice.
13. my mom and i want to try out for the amazing race.
14. joe hates reality tv.
15. however, i got him hooked on the amazing race.
16. cal ripkin jr. is one of my heroes.
17. i met him in 2001 at his farewell game in atlanta.
18. i have pictures of me and him.
19. i got to watch the game from the orioles dugout.
20. that is one of the perks to being in the media. 🙂
21. i was born in baltimore, maryland, in 1980.
22. baltimore, annapolis and washington d.c. are my favorite cities.
23. my family moved to tennessee when i was 14.
24. i live in georgia.
25. i have an older sister and twin younger brothers.
26. my sister and her family live in north carolina.
27. i have a niece and two nephews.
28. i love my niece and nephews to death.
29. i can’t wait to have kids.
30. i graduated from high school in 1998.
31. i graduated from college in 2004.
32. i received a b.a. degree in english.
33. my minor was in journalism.
34. i started working as a journalist before i graduated.
35. i worked for three years at a newspaper in dalton, ga.
36. now i work in dalton for the newspaper in chattanooga, tenn.
37. i started writing in 2nd grade when i was my class’s reporter for our school newspaper, the big talk.
38. my favorite animals are cats.
39. my cats are the cutest cats in the world.
40. my favorite soda is coke.
41. i am a vegetarian.
42. i became a vegetarian in elementary school.
43. i love pasta, corn and potatoes.
44. my favorite foods are mexican and italian.
45. i also love popcorn.
46. joe and i are popcorn addicts.
47. i have rheumatoid arthritis.
48. but that doesn’t stop me from doing things i love, like hiking.
49. i love traveling.
50. the only place i’ve been outside the united states is venezuela.
51. i went there on a mission trip in high school.
52. i want to go to europe.
53. i especially want to go to england, france and spain.
54. i love swimming.
55. i have a 2000 mustang convertible.
56. i plan to trade it in once the new-style convertibles come out.
57. my closest friends are julisa and stacey.
58. i was the editor of my college newspaper, the southern accent.
59. that was the best experience of my life.
60. i am 5’5″.
61. my favorite stores are bass, abercrombie and fitch and old navy.
62. i like to sleep.
63. i like to sleep a lot.
64. i am addicted to desperate housewives.
65. i got joe addicted to it too.
66. my favorite new show is boston legal.
67. i like all kinds of music except rap and heavy metal/rock.
68. i love hoobastank, yellowcard and jimmy eat world.
69. joe got me hooked on the zutons.
70. the zutons are awesome.
71. my favorite song right now is “disappear” by hoobastank.
72. it reminds me of joe.
73. i can’t dance.
74. i wish i could.
75. i don’t smoke.
76. i hate being around people who do.
77. i wish it would stop raining.
78. i am a christian.
79. i need to start going to church more.
80. i want a better relationship with jesus.
81. i used to work for my college radio station, 90.5, wsmc.
82. i loved being a music announcer.
83. i’ve visited npr.
84. when i went to npr i met fred child, my favorite program host.
85. i work from home.
86. i like working from home.
87. i avoid the distractions of a busy newsroom.
88. but i wish i saw my coworkers more.
89. then i’d feel more a part of the newsroom.
90. i love pajamas.
91. i took spanish in high school and french in college.
92. i wish i’d taken spanish in college, because about 90 percent of dalton is hispanic.
93. i am addicted to blogging.
94. i got stacey addicted to blogging. 🙂
95. my office is still very disorganized from moving and it bugs me.
96. i like keeping my house clean.
97. i love taking pictures.
98. i would love to write a book someday.
99. i worked at taco bell in high school and college, while also working at the gap.
100. i love baseball.


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